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                                              2018  APPALACHIAN DATES

                                                                                                       MAY  6  -  MAY  11
​                                                                                                       MAY  14  -  MAY  18   ( FILLED )
​                                                                                                       MAY  20  -  MAY  25
                                                                                                       MAY  27  -  JUNE  1
                                                                                                      JUNE  3  -  JUNE  8   (Partially Filled)
                                                                                                      JUNE  10  -  JUNE  15   
                                                                                                      JUNE  18  -  JUNE  23  
                                                                                                      JUNE  24  -  JUNE  29   ( FILLED ) 
                                                                                                      JULY  1  -  JULY  6  ( HOLIDAY )
                                                                                                      JULY  8  -  JULY  13  (Partially Filled)
​                                                                                                      JULY  15  -  JULY  20  ( FILLED )
                                                                                                      JULY  22  -  JULY  27
                                                                                                      JULY  29  -  AUGUST  3

APPALACHIAN LOCATIONS: Lee County, Virginia and Hancock County, Tennessee

LODGING: Our teams will be staying in Blackwater, Virginia (Lee County).   At this facility teams will need to bring  TWIN SIZE FLAT sheets, blankets, and pillows as well as towels and bathing supplies.  We will have bunkbeds with mattresses available.  You may bring an air mattress IF your body type absolutely requires it.   We also have three fully equipped bathrooms/showers and two half-baths.

TEAM SIZE: A minimum of 12 participants is needed per trip. If your group is small and has less than 12 people, we may be able to put you with another small group in order to meet the minimum number required for a trip to make. We are able to  accommodate groups up to 50 people.  Due to space in our two lodging rooms, there can be no more than 20 (+/-) females and 20 (+/-) males.  Trip duration is for 5 nights (Sunday afternoon to Friday morning).  
If you desire different days of arrival/departure, please let us know.  We will work with you to make the best possible arrangement for you!

COSTS PER PERSON:  5 night trips are $275.00.  This covers lodging, meals, and most outreach materials. Families with children under the age of 12 years old and/or families with 4 or more family members are available for a discounted rate.  Custom trips for specific groups and groups desiring shorter or longer stays are also available. Please email or call us for more info.

RESERVATIONS: Deposits of at least HALF (50%) of the total costs and Registration Forms ARE DUE in the MHM office TWO MONTHS 
(or 60 DAYS) PRIOR to trip start. Final payments ARE DUE in the MHM office ONE MONTH (or 30 DAYS) PRIOR to trip start.  This is needed in order to have everything set up, all logistical details completed, and the mission week ready to begin upon your arrival.  You may ADD participants up until the day you leave.  Just keep us updated!  We don’t want anyone to be left out.

PAYMENTS: Send all payments to:          MOUNTAIN HERITAGE MISSIONS
​ (we accept checks                                   P. O. BOX 653
   & money orders)                                    2535 MAIN STREET
                                                                 SURGOINSVILLE, TN 37873